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Rippa Rugby is the non-contact version of rugby. It is designed to introduce new players to the game without fear of contact so they can learn the fundamental rugby skills of catching, passing, running and scoring tries. These rules have been clearly defined to enable new players, coaches, referees and parents to gain a better understanding of the game.

The object of the game is to score a try by grounding the ball behind or on the opponents' try line. To prevent a try being scored the defenders must ‘rip’ the flag from the belt of the ball carrier. This forces the ball carrier to pass the ball. Six rips against the attacking team in one set of possession results in the ball being turned over to the defending team.

Girls Rippa Rugby games are played at participating clubs across North Harbour.

Girls Rippa Teams are 7 to 12 Years
Girls aged 5 & 6 play in J8/J7 mixed Rippa Grades – local modules.


FIELD:   Half-field. 50m wide – goal line to half-way line (sidelines are trylines)
KICKOFF:   Saturday 9:30am
TIME:   25 minute halves. 5 minute half-time
BALL:   Size 3
PLAYERS:   10-a-side (Recommend 13 players per team)
SUBS:   All players must play a continuous half a game
REFEREES:   Associate referee, if not - no game

TACKLE:   Tackles are RIPS

  • To complete a 'rip' one of the two flags from the ball carriers belt must be removed.
  • Only the ball carrier can be ripped.
  • The ripper stops, holds the flag above their head and shouts "RIP!”
  • The ball carrier must then pass the ball within three steps. He or she does not have to stop, return to the mark or tap the ball before passing.
  • After the ball carrier has passed the ball the ripper must hand the flag back to the player who then reattaches it to their belt before they rejoin play.
  • Six rips in a row leads to a turnover in possession.
  • The belt must be worn outside the clothing and flags positioned one on each hip.
  • If a player is 'ripped' when crossing the try line, they restart play 5 metres out from the try line.


  • Offside only occurs at the rip.
  • When a rip is made, all players from the ripper's team must get back until they are in front of where ball is being passed from (facing the opposition).
  • If a player is offside and they intercept, prevent or slow down a pass, a free pass will be awarded to the non-offending team


A free pass is used to:

  • Start play.
  • Restart after a try is scored (by non scoring team).
  • Restart after turnover or a penalty offence.
  • To make a free pass, the referee calls "Play" and the player passes the ball backwards to a member of their own team. The opposition team must remain 5 metres back from the free pass.


  • Penalty Offences:
  • Kicking
  • Contact of any kind (pushing, tackling, fending)
  • Hiding or shielding Rippa tags
  • Offside
  • Diving on the ball on the ground
  • Not handing back Rippa tag
  • Continuing to run after rip (more than 3 steps)


  • Knock On
  • Forward Pass
  • Ball or ball carrier outside the field of play

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