North Harbour Rugby Mandatory Policy

5 Nov 2021

At the October board meeting a resolution was passed in principle to support a Mandatory Vaccination Policy for North Harbour Rugby.

Union Staff and NPC players have led the way with all having been double vaccinated, which we see as the way forward for our representative teams.

It is clear that from 2022 there will be a need for a strong and practicable vaccination policy. The board has the view that anything other than a mandatory vaccination policy will be unmanageable for our clubs and schools.

It has been documented through the Government and the Ministry of Health that getting vaccinated is the priority for the country right now, and once we move to the traffic light system there will no doubt be significant challenges for clubs and schools to meet the requirements to enable them to open up facilities.

As yet we have had no clear guidance from Government, NZ Rugby and Sport NZ. Over the coming months we will be working closely both with these organisations and you, our stakeholders, to ensure that we can all move forward to get back to the game we love whilst protecting our whānau.

- Gerard van Tilborg, Chair and Acting CEO.

North Harbour Rugby Mandatory Policy
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