North Harbour Rugby Union is committed to improving sideline behaviour at all levels of the community game. Increasingly we hear of incidents through official and unofficial channels of incidents from Rippa to Premier grade rugby. The North Harbour Discipline Committee will deal with sideline incidents as they occur but the Rugby Community also needs to make a stand on these incidents.
The Union will promote improving Sideline Behaviour through the Coach Education Programme and through the management committees for junior, secondary school and senior rugby. The Union will promote improving Sideline Behaviour through rugby administration emails, this website and message cards/flyers.
Coaches need to train and operate their teams in a positive environment, set an example of positive behaviour to your players, your assistants and your supporters. The coaches and managers are the team leaders, how they react will transfer to the players and supporters – if it is negative it goes through the team and its supporters like a virus, then its all downhill to an incident.Respect the referee and his assistants, respect the opposition.

Supporters and parents must show respect for the game, the referees and the opposition, and your own players.Be supportive and positive in your comments at all times. Remember your team can’t play the game without a referee. The game needs them as much as it needs players, coaches and supporters. They make mistakes just like the players so give them a break.

Remember it is the player’s game. They are there to largely to enjoy themselves whether they win or lose and to get better at playing and understanding the game.


The Auckland Sideline Education Project

North Harbour Rugby Union has been working on a project to improve Sideline Behaviour since 2011 with Auckland Rugby, Auckland and Waitakere Netball, Harbour Netball, Auckland Football Federation, Northern Football Federation, Greater Auckland Coaching Unit, UNITEC, AUT, Harbour Sport, Sport Waitakere and Auckland Sport.The project group has developed a website,  the ‘MyGame” website has details on the issues of poor sideline behaviour, news items, video resources and document resources to support coaches, managers and supporters/parents.


Media Coverage

A recent TV3 programme on “Campbell Live” covers the issue well and is a must to view –

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